Zen Terrain - Shipping Company Building Which Is Also A Dice Tower!

OK, so I am a little addicted to Zen Terrain's scenery options for Relic Knights and Infinity. Following on from my last two posts about the HAB1 set and the Military Outpost which are both great value for money and look awesome, I have just finished building the Shipping Company Building. Wow this thing is massive! The quality is great, it was very easy to build (having it done in about 2 hours of gluing) and is a gem to play on. Again I used the cheap old rattlecan approach, undercoating with grey and then firing white spray at an angle to produce a poor mans gradient. It looks great on the table though which is what counts! I spend a lot more time with my miniatures but also want a good looking piece of terrain on the table so being able to get these completed quickly and inexpensively is a bonus. I will let the images show the outcome but I have been very pleased with the result and yes! It does function as a dice tower very well.

My only issue with the product is that the lift is very very stiff. This may be due to the extra few millimetres introduced by painting but in its current state it doesn't function too well so I pretty much docked it in the middle and treat it as climbable terrain. This may become more free the more I use it and it wears in a little. Storage wise it could be an issue for some people but I have large plastic containers that do the job well, make sure you plan ahead.

Zen Terrain Shipping Company Building Completed!

Craig McNicholas

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  1. So this was a big selling point for me towards zen as there are soooo many good products out there but the zen stuff looks soo cool.. If I was starting from scratch this and how many habs and guard towers would make a good table for infinity? Looking to make a bulk purchase with one bunch to get me started then build on it with others for different worlds/city zones etc..

    1. Thanks for stopping by. This will give you an idea of what 6 x HAB1 Buildings and 1 x Military Outpost will cover on a 3'x3' board.


      We played yesterday with the dice tower included on a 4'x4' along with the military walls and tower and it filled the board (you will still want some scatter terrain though).

      My recommendation as a minimum for Infinity at 4'x4' would be:

      2 x HAB1 (sold as a 3 pack)
      1 x Military Outpost (Adds variety and a different shape)
      1 x Dice Tower or Biker Bar (Large centrepiece)
      1 x Set of military walls
      1 x Military tower

      If you don't want to get any cargo containers then add another HAB1 pack for a total of 9 x HAB1 buildings. Then as I said, a little scatter terrain and you are all set.

      Hope that helps. I may write an article up on a "good" infinity set up trying to get it as cheap as possible but looking good from Zen Terrain now you mention it :)

  2. Craig - Great stuff thanks! :)