Custom Dropfleet Commander 3D Sectors - How To

Hey folks, a short (ish) post today. Whilst waiting for UCM's finest, fleet TARP led by Admiral MacBar, to arrive I have been knocking some custom 3D sector tokens together for fleet on fleet action. After seeing the lovely Hawk Wargames 3D Sector kits available in the Dropfleet Commander kickstarter I thought "damn I want me some of them." So I came up with the following, they aren't going to win any style awards but as far as tokens go they look ace on the board.

Homebrew 3D Sector Tokens for Dropfleet Commander
Some key things I wanted when making these was firstly to be very simple and quick to make. I didn't want to spend weeks building 30 of these guys, something I could knock out fast was going to be top priority.

First push molds of Dropfleet Commander space station sprue
Secondly, paint jobs. I just wanted to quickly cover them, tart them up with 3 highlights and give them a wash.

The orbital platform is a missile sprue from gates of antares
So I started looking at the lovely Dropfleet Space Stations sprue that I had lying around after last years Dropzone tournament and it got me thinking. Before I put the space stations together I should probably make a press mould of the surface details, it would work really well as city, industrial, military scape. So I did and here was the result.

Nuclear power station anyone?

The images show the first set I did, they came out pretty well. I had a few sprues from other systems leftover so I started chopping up some bits that resembled buildings or silos. 

They came together pretty well and most importantly they are very fast and cheap to make. 

Close up on the push mold
Then once they had set I used some very fine grain sand and flocked the edges, this aided with the transition and made it less harsh. Here's what they looked like after sanding.

Post sanding the city tokens
As you can see they look pretty rough still, not to worry. The detail in the dropfleet sprues is awesome. I gave them all a base coat and did a quick pass. Took no more than 20 minutes to do the five above with a simple black coat in areas, drybrush metallics, blue, red, green, black wash then highlight with white. Simple's.

Two Nuclear stations read for action and an orbital defense platform
Finally I tidied up the base edges with the colours recommended in the book for each token and I was done! 

City-scapes completed.
There we have it, cheap (if you have a detailed dropfleet sprue to push mold) 3D sector tokens for Dropfleet Commander. Enjoy.

Painting Table April 2017

Just a quick update this month. Not a great deal happening on my paint table but now I actually have a paint table! Right next to the new family member Levi!

New family member Levi the rescue rabbit for easter.

Kingdom Death Monster

Lion Armour Survivor Kingdom Death Monster

White Lion Armour Survivor Power Stance Kingdom Death Monster

Kingsman Kingdom Death Monster

Side on paint scheme for Kingsman Kingdom Death Monster

Kings Man Kingdom Death Monster

The Phoenix Kingdom Death Monster

Like all the KD:M miniatures I have painted so far I went for a high contrast look

Phoenix with extreme OSL Kingdom Death Monster

Phoenix KD:M

Beyond the Gates of Antares Freeborn

Vardnari Freeborn Beyond the Gates of Antares

Vardnari Freeborn Beyond the Gates of Antares Yellow Colour scheme

Vardnari Freeborn Beyond the Gates of Antares

Vardnari Freeborn Beyond the Gates of Antares

Support Weapons Team Freeborn Beyond the Gates of Antares

Weapons Team Freeborn Beyond the Gates of Antares

Feral Mhagris and Drones for Freeborn Beyond the Gates of Antares

Feral Mhagris and Drones for Freeborn Beyond the Gates of Antares

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault Tank

Dengar and Snow Troopers Imperial Assault

Rebel Base Troopers and Saboteurs for Star Wars Imperial Assault

Biv Bodrik, MHD-19, Verenea Talos and Loku Kanoloa Painted for Imperial Assault

Rebel Saboteurs

Mechs vs Minions

Simple Colour scheme pre-washing for Mechs vs Minions. Hundreds of these to do!

First batch of Minions down from Mechs vs Minions!

Warlord Featured My Freeborn! Hurrah!

Just a quick post but I was delighted to see my Freeborn for Beyond the Gates of Antares appear on the Warlord Games website. Wanted to post the article up here for reference in the future. Chuffed with that and the other amazing units painted up by the community.

Freeborn Domari Squad featured on Warlord Games website

Black Powder Napoleonics Huge Table at Battlefield Hobbies

I've never really been a historical wargamer. I like mythology and ancient warfare but never really dabbled with anything 0AD to 1900's. So when the Warwickshire Gamers invited me to join in with their Napoleonic's game I wasn't my usual kid in a toy shop self. After hearing about the battle we intended to play, reading up on the Black Powder rules system by Warlord Games I started to get interested.

Muskets cry out, cannon roar and men hit the meat grinder!

I then went and watched all six episodes of War and Peace, a lovely period drama done by the BBC condensing Leo Tolstoy's famous novel into a screen worthy appearance. It really gives a feel for the setting, the way warfare was ran and the reliance on heavy cannon, line infantry and horse.

The defended outskirts of the town held by the French

Fast forward a bit and I found myself at the lovely Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry. The guys had given us space to set up a 15 foot by 6 foot table complete with rolling hills, farm houses and rolling countryside along with a river to ford and a town which was being defended by the French.

The scenario involved a Russian/Prussian attack on a French held town who had set up a defensive force across the river outside of town in the hills. They were being reinforced by two small bridges which really hindered the movement of the French foot. Meanwhile a small French force was holding the last bridge over the river protecting the left flank whilst some outlying skirmishers were holed up in the farmhouses surrounding the area.

The left flank facing off across the river holding the flank which would open the main forces up to an assault from the rear!

Turn one ensued and the Russian/Prussian forces marched headlong into cannon fire! Andy's force of German's marched straight into the heart of the enemy in a bold charge. His men held and were swiftly reinforced with fresh units making the French react and cut off supplies to the flanks to support the centre.

The left flank squares up after cavalry assault as the Prussian's are about to drive home the advantage in numbers!

Meanwhile the French right flank was playing cat and mouse between Hussars and skirmishers with no one grabbing a foothold either way. On the left French flank things were holding too. Across the outlying river the detachment of French were doing their very best to hold up forces moving to flank the main force. Unfortunately many more artillery pieces were brought to bear against them and they began to fall back and break.

Forces enter the field!

Then myself in dashing cavalry splendour led a charge into the French left flank forcing a line of infantry to assume the square. Disordered and shaken I had done my job and retired for a swift Brandy whilst the men of the Prussian brigade marched straight into and through the broken French left flank.

Sadly just as this pivotal event was unfolding nightfall fell upon the battlefield. The French retreating across the river to defend the small bridges which were the only entry into the town. I really enjoyed the Black Powder experience. An astonishing amount of effort from the Warwickshire Gamers for painting everything in 28mm. Here is a video of the entire 8 hour day in just 1 minute!

Painting Table January 2017

New Year, New Me! Well not quite, still painting and building stuff. Here is what I have been up to!

Beyond the Gates of Antares

This has been sat at the side of the road for a while but I finally have picked it up and am having a lot of fun building and painting these guys, the metals are great detail. I picked Freeborn as I just followed the Rule of Cool.

Freeborn NuHu Leader, big pointy staff of doom!
C3M4 Combat Drone Salvaged by the Freeborn
C3M4 Combat Drone Booty!
C3M4 Combat Drone head on with weapon scarring
Freeborn Skyraider Bikes, How Cool!
Freeborn Force So Far!

Kingdom Death Monster Gorm

With the completion of the 1.5 Kickstarter and the continuation of our campaign I got the Gorm painted up along with a survivor, need to finish the remaining three but I am getting the hang of the dynamic poses with KD:M plastics now.

Kingdom Death Monster Gorm Painted

Kingdom Death Monster Gorm Side on with lantern light
Kingdom Death Monster first Gorm Survivor

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Got the Bantha finished! What a big handsome guy!

Star Wars Imperial Assault Bantha

Age of Sigmar

The rest is all Age of Sigmar related as I am painting both mine and my wifes armies, lots of fun with the Death stuff.

Age of Sigmar Black Coach leaping over the fence, we can fly!
Wight King Age of Sigmar
Getting through the hordes of skeletons!
40 down another 40 skeletons to go!
My poor mans wyldwood, not too shabby.
Treelord Age of Sigmar
Treelord and his gang Age of Sigmar
Dryads! Age of Sigmar