Kingdom Death Monster - Storage

After my recent spree of articles around Kingdom Death Terrain I felt I needed to up my game with miniature storage for all the lovely models. I have begun painting them and also will be moving house shortly so making sure these miniatures make it in tact is top priority!

In the past I have used KR Case for games like X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, Malifaux, Infinity and Relic Knights but Kingdom Death is just so damn big! I tried shopping around but none of the main manufacturers produce hard cases of a size that handles all the core game content due to the size of the Phoenix model or they produce storage systems which are absolutely huge and cost a fortune.

So I started to look elsewhere and managed to find a plastic container which fit the foam size I needed as well as being able to house all the core game miniatures (and potentially more). In total I needed space for 32 x 30mm Survivors, 5 x 50mm Nemesis and Monsters, 1 x 100mm Phoenix. I took all the model measurements and got started looking for options.

I found the container for £1 at my local pound store but have done the hard work finding it again online for you all to enjoy, take a look at the Plastic Box Shop who sell it through the store or find a box with the same dimensions and you will be fine.

I then picked up three Feldherr FS070RS 70mm pick and pluck foam trays and four 4mm base foam layers all for under £30. Stick the 4mm base foam to each layer of pick and pluck and away you go!

The following images show each layer of foam and how I plucked them out. The top layer and mid layer has room for what I estimate to be 48 x 30mm miniatures, you could pack them tighter but I wanted a bit of give so they don't rub too hard. The bottom layer as you can see has more space for monsters that aren't over 70mm tall, but if they are then you can just go into the second layer like the phoenix and eat up some room.

Bottom Layer with room for Phoenix, Screaming Antelope, White Lion, the Butcher, the Hand, Kingsman and the Watcher.
Level 1, just go steady with the plucking and if you think something is getting too tight then take out an extra cube. Making sure the phoenix sits flush to the bottom here is key. There is loads of room left for more monsters than don't exceed 70mm in height.

Second layer for Phoenix
For level 2 you can see here there isn't much going on other than the Phoenix but there is plenty of room now for other 30mm Monsters or to do the same as the Phoenix and start from the bottom base and eat into the second tier. You first need to pluck the foam out for the phoenix then use scissors to cut through the 4mm base foam, this is really easy to do but just try and keep it tidy.

Top layer for survivors
And finally the top layer for survivors, you should be able to fit 30 on the top layer (but if you don't mind a tight fit you can potentially get 48 here!).

And there we have it, all nicely enclosed in something that can take a beating and for under £30. It has room for some of the expansions but definitely not all (looking at you spidicules and dragon king!).

Craig McNicholas

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


  1. Awesome post. I'm looking to do the same with my KD:M minis. In regards to the 4mm base, how well does it stick on? I mean, if you pick up a sheet that has a larger, heavier mini, is the bottom going to fall off, resulting in the mini taking a potentially fatal fall?

    1. Works really well. Yet to have a problem and the bottom tier has the Phoenix, butcher, screaming antelope, lion, watcher, the hand and Kingsman.

      Thankfully they aren't metal miniatures :D

    2. Fantastic. I'm thinking I need to get two tubs. The Dragon King and Spidicules are too stupidly big and will most likely take up an entire tray by themselves. The rest should fit in one tub.

      Thank you for your all of your guides and your help.

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  3. Is the phoenix on it's 100mm base? I can't tell. Never worked with this stuff before wondering how well it would work if everything was based. This seems like a great idea

    1. Yep 100mm base, all of it is based.

    2. Awesome. Definitely going to go this route. Right now all the minis are just sitting on my desk, I really need to get them put away! Will need more than you suggested, having all the expansions.