Marvel Legendary - Custom Box Insert

Just a short post today, I got fed up of having to move multiple boxes around for Marvel Legendary Legendary, so with some leftover foam board I knocked together a quick divider system. It works like a charm and has plenty of room for more expansions as the pictures show it fitting the core game plus the Dark City expansion for a total of 850 cards. The bonus is you can still fit the board and the rule book on top so it condenses down to one box.

To make your own I used 5mm foam board and cut the following:

280x60mm, 280x60mm, 85x60mm, 85x60mm
Then take some PVA glue and glue them together so that the smaller pieces bridge the gap in the middle (see the image below). Use a spare card sleeve to measure out the distance either side to make sure you can fit cards in. Then leave some cards in both the left and right hand side whilst the glue dries to add a bit of pressure for a snug join.

Finished custom insert for Marvel Legendary Cards

Craig McNicholas

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