Star Wars Imperial Assault - Campaign Episode I

Here starts our full Star Wars Imperial Assault campaign. This will be a mini series of posts which wrap up the story of the heroic rebels as they try to defeat the evil galactic empire. First a break down of our characters and who plays who.

Craig (me) will be playing as the imperial scum and in my infinite wisdom has gone for the "smash you in the face strategy" of Military Might!

The Military Might of the Empire
Andy has taken up the pinpoint marksman Mak Eshkha'rey an elusive elite who can bring death from afar to the empire.

Mak Eshkha'rey, sniper extraordinaire
Paul is playing the gun slinging smuggler Jyn Odan, tricky to pin down she has the moves to get out of any tight spot.

Slippery smuggler Jyn Odan
Sebastien is playing Diala who has uncanny affinity with the force but has never received proper training. She can use her skill with combat weapons to get up close and personal as well as giving her foresight using the force.

Not quite a Jedi but the force is most definitely with her, Diala
Charlotte is playing Ghaarkaan, the unstoppable wookie tank wielding a mighty staff. When this guy charges, it hurts!

Ghaarkaan what is your battle cry? "Ghaaaaaarrrrrkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn"
With the party set I was handed some much needed advice.

I suggest a new strategy, R2. Let the wookie win

The Story So Far

Sent to a back alley planet to investigate a stray beacon the team locate a facility hidden in the forests. Silencing the patrol quickly they open the blast doors and are assaulted by imperials who appear to have been alerted to the rebels presence. The team duck, dive and dodge their way through the mass of imperial storm troopers who can't hit a barn door. The imperials caught on to the team infiltrating the compound and decide to level it to the ground making sure no trace is left, the countdown timer commences and just moments before the complex is levelled to the ground they snatch and grab the data and make a hasty escape into their shuttle.

Following the data retrieval Mak hears a familiar name during the mission debriefing. A location which he thought had been abandoned just over a year ago turns out to be in full action again. Mak gives high command detailed information about the facility and how it would pose a crippling blow to the empire if they could intervene. Still unsure of the source of this data the high command question Mak and his only answer is "I have a debt to pay." The commander gives the green light on the mission and they make their way to a dusty planet devoid of much but a few scattered industrial settlements. Buried in the rock they find ventilation shafts which Mak points out will get them into the compound undetected.

After crawling through what seems like miles of endless tunnels they emerge in the back of a hangar bay through a grated grill that Mak kicks open. Nobody around they investigate further and see the production line of hundreds of walkers and scout vehicles. It turns out that they have come across a small army of equipment intended to supply the imperial forces in the system. Mak and the team set about installing the demolition charges throughout the complex when the alarm suddenly is raised. With a cheeky grin Mak climbs the nearest AT-ST and says "I guess we'll take this one for a spin." The hangar bay opens and they are met by storm troopers, probe droids and the emperors own royal guard. An elusive figure sneaks around in the shadows but not being able to investigate further Mak walks out turrets blazing. The storm troopers and royal guard hold their ground using shock grenades and their powerful combat weaponry but the AT-ST proves to be a real pain soaking up all the fire-power buying time for the rebels to flank the imperials.

Gharkaan charges into the Storm Trooper ranks ripping them to pieces and Diala assaults the royal guard from behind. Just as the tide was turning, a blur of red hurtles through the melee with twin blades wielded in a propeller like motion. The royal guard champion takes the legs from under the AT-ST with precise strikes to the hydraulics. Mak just about scrambles away from the vehicle as it topples and looks at the champion with hatred in his eyes, with a rallying call the rebels press the imperials back into the rocky outcrop around the compound, both Diala and Gharkaan are wounded in the close quarters fighting with the tough royal guard but they can't hold out forever. Diala with outburst of force energy deflects the royal guard champions attack and finding an opening uses her enhanced speed to deal the final blow to the champion. From then on Mak continued to pick off the remaining imperials at range.

As the sun is setting and they make their way back to the pick up point they look back on the compound which is over a click away and Mak does the honours of blowing it to smithereens in a needlessly large show of explosives creating a mushroom cloud which can be seen from miles around.

Upon returning to the fleet the rebel data analysts inform you that they have located a key target of interest deep in the forests of Aris V. Interesting transmissions have been caught to and from this location but they don't have a clear picture of what is happening. As such this location has been marked as priority number one by high command.

The rebels enter the lush tropical forests of Aris V and cautiously make their way towards the compound, finding it split into three seperate buildings they decide to split up into teams of two to cover more ground. As they seperated the rebels begin to hear things, the soft padding of feet on the forest floor, deep throated growling and the glimpses of cat eyes through the foliage.

As Diala and Mak make their way towards the first doorway they are assailed by a huge forest cat. Leaping between Mak and Diala and swinging wildly at both to see if it could grab an easy meal. Both rebels desperately fend off the beast as it back away realising they weren't going down without a fight.

Meanwhile Gharkaan and Jyn moved towards the second building and came across a patrol of heavy storm troopers. Jyn took a stray shot from the storm troopers which wounded her and things were about to get worse as she was lying there another forest cat emerged from between the trees. Gharkaan charged to tie up the beast and buy Jyn some time which she used to crawl to the nearby console and download the data. As the information lit up before her eyes she could make out the production plans for a large project funded by the empire but it would need more information to make sense of.

On the other side of the compound Mak had just about managed to open the blast doors whilst Diala held back the cat. As more and more Imperials were alerted to their presence it was clear that the rebels had little time left, Mak successfully downloaded the data from the second console before being caught by a probe droid. Finally Gharkaan was brought down by the huge cat which overpowered him. In a daredevil manoeuvre their pilot strafed across the field firing lasers at random causing everyone to take cover, the rebels made a break for it and scrambled aboard the craft just as the General Weiss separated two trees in his mighty AT-ST shaking his fist at them as they made their escape.

Whilst heading through space back to the rendezvous point an urgent transmission came in for Gharkaan, it appears as though the imperials identified him and traced his family back to their home world where they have taken a dear friend of his prisoner. In his rage Gharkaan goes ballistic smashing tables and ammunition boxes demanding to set him free "gghhhaaaaa, ghaaa, aarraaaggghhh, grrrrr, raaahhhh ghaaaa" the team make a decision to do everything they can to help their furry friend and set a course straight for the wookies home planet.

As they descend onto the compound there is no subtlety only the Wookie fury, Diala charged the heavy and elite storm troopers followed by Gharkaan hot on her heels but the power of the storm troopers was especially deadly as they both suffered grievous wounds from the wave of blaster fire. They did manage to take a good number of the elite with them paving a way for Jyn to sneakily enter the compound and release the first door lock. Then the turrets kicked in and started automatically firing on rebel figures. Hugging to the cover and Diala using her force powers to make her elusive to the turrets, Mak was able to release the second door latch.

With only one remaining the rebels needed to find a way to enter the last building and unlock the cell to save Gharkaan's pal but the Imperials we're dug in like an Alabama tick. With a last ditch effort the rebels pushed towards the locked doors of the cell block but couldn't withstand the might of the empire. They were forced back as the screams of Gharkaans friend came flooding through the open bars, having to make a hasty retreat the rebel team had to contain Gharkaan who went into a animal like frenzy. It took all three of the rebels to hold him down and drag him onto the escape shuttle. As soon as they were out of orbit Gharkaan fell silent, tears of guilt touched his eyes but it only helped to fuel his hatred for the empire and what they had done to his family.

Craig McNicholas

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.


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