Infinity - I Mean, Have You Ever Actually Seen Your Brain?

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Those who know me also know that I'm a big anime fan. One particular anime inspires some great thought provoking images set in a not too distant future governed by AI and cyber crime. I'm talking Ghost in the Shell! This is always the image I have had when looking at Corvus Belli's Infinity and after recently finding a compadre who also really likes the idea of this game I decided to dip my toe in. Well that toe dip turned into a neck high plunge as I couldn't resist all the wonderful acrylic on offer by Micro Art Studios, flame templates, yes! Blast templates, yes! Really cool measurement tool thingy, yes! Unit silhouette markers with etched units on them that are totally freakin cool, yes! yes! yes!

Aleph Starter Box, Flame and Blast Templates, Movement Template, Unit Silhouettes H1,2 and 3 and 36 state tokens from Micro Art Studios.

I'm really impressed with the quality of the items so far, even down to the starter token pack I picked up (it was the 36 token set), everything is finished really well, you just need to give the acrylics a quick wipe with a damp cloth as they have a lot of residue from the etching. I am looking forward to getting these guys on the table for painting, I can make use of my upcoming shipping container board (more to come on this).

So what drove me to ALEPH? Well they are AI (cool huh) they were created to help humanity and became self-aware, already this sounds awesome right? They are the only legal AI allowed so they create assault forces to destroy alien technology that threatens humanity and are in constant conflict with the combined army. I really wanted a low number of models, ALEPH being fairly points heavy per unit are perfect for this. They also have a large amount of specialized technology so it's more about making the most out of highly versatile units than having lots of activations to get the work done.

I will have a battle report up shortly for my first Infinity game so stay tuned.

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  1. Cool. How is that battle report going?

    1. Due to a hectic schedule we still haven't got that game in! Relic Knights tournament and Malifaux have pushed it back a little, but we are set to get our game in the following weekend which I am super looking forward to :D will update with more soon.

      The wait has worked in my favour too having got hold of more scenery to play on :D