Painting Table July 2015

This is going to be a start at a monthly attempt to blog about what I have been up to at the painting table. It includes any conversions (which I tend to keep to a minimum anyway) and is going to act as a way to document what I have been getting through, feel free to use any as inspiration or what not to do! July is going to include some backlog from June so it probably won't be as productive next month.

Star Wars Imperial Assault

I started to get some Imperial Assault through the post and decided to give painting these mini's a go. They are great casts and I'm a sucker for painting up my board games. I wanted the AT-ST to feature a lot of battle damage as its a small skirmish game/campaign these little details make a difference to the story. Han and Chewbacca were a treat to paint and I can't wait to get on to more of the Star Wars characters.

Battle scarred AT-ST ready for walking
Han and Chewie doing what they do best, looking cool!

X-COM Board Game

Me and the wife really like springing this on our friends, its a fast fun board game with some simple mechanics but can be really stressful and action packed with the App as a round timer. "Aliens descending from orbit!", "Enemies in the base!", "Deploy to the mission!". This game is just fast fun on steroids and I wanted to paint up the mini's here as there are relatively few and the game aesthetic is really nice so why not eh?

I added small Country Flags to make the units unique, adds a nice storytelling touch!
Interceptors ready for take off!

Relic Knights

I managed to work my way through a large number of Relic Knights Doctrine miniatures and a few choice Cerci pieces that I liked the look of, this was down to playing at the Northern Cadre event and I wanted it all looking like I had made an effort. I stuck pretty close to the theme for all the models here as most are unique units and have their own style.

Marie-Claude was the first model I ever painted from a white undercoat (I think you can tell) but I feel I have only improved going forward and white is the new black for me. It is a lot more unforgiving but there is no denying the pop on the table of these minis when placed next to dark under coated models. However there is a time and a place for different undercoats, for instance my AT-ST is 90% grey so a grey primer worked a treat.

Doctrine Relic Knights Faction Ready for Northern Cadre 2015, from left to right: Kisa, Esper Condensor, Scratch, Togan & Cecilia, Fiametta, Novitiates, Darkfield Generator, Codifier Brahe, FF9000, Librarian, The Prefects
Esmee (Marie Claude's Cypher) from the Cerci Speed Circuit with a cheeky grin
Marie Claude Cerci Speed Circuit Questing Knight, the first Mini I ever painted from a white base coat :O
FF9000, Codifier Brahe's Cypher, Bleep Bloop!
Librarian for the Doctrine
Novitiates with their cool sneakers
Another shot of the Novitiates with a reference to Ghost in the Shell
The Royal Wrecker, It's Pink!
Kisa on her Relic for the Doctrine
Jacob of the prefects mid spell cast
Valeria wielding her appropriately sized blade
Another shot of Valeria mid flame walk
Veronica casting something highly magical
Veronica from another shot reading through magical tomes
Fiametta dropping a firebomb!

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