Age of Sigmar - Into Shyish Fan Made Battle Plan

As part of our Waystone of Rhya campaign for Age of Sigmar I put together a a Battle Plan for the opening scenario. I thought I would post it up here as a fan made Battle Plan for others to use if they dare! Click on the image below for the PDF.

Hunting for an ancient artefact, several war parties have entered the realm of Shyish looking for information. Unprepared souls must test their courage to breaking point lest fear take them to the grave and the endless armies of the dead.

The battle plan involves "Death Posts" magical markers built in Shyish to channel the horrors of Death. Brave warriors can stare into the face of Death itself looking for information, but those without a strong resolve will fall. It kicks our campaign off with a bang as we are all searching for information regarding the waystone. Hope you enjoy it to.
Into Shyish Fan Made Battle Plan for Age of Sigmar

Craig McNicholas

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