Dropzone Commander - Conflict at Taros Operation 1

Continuing from the Scourge strike on 18th June 2264, on the best kept secret and fringe planet Taros it was clear the Scourge were planning something... President Wut Whent Wong had pumped money into the development of the orbital defence lasers and a satellite grid program to detect incoming spacecraft to provide early warning to it's inhabitants. Little did he know his advisor Hoo Flung Dhung had been siphoning off money into his new-swiss bank account.

And so on the 12th August 2265 the United Colonies of Mankind were caught with their pants down.

Debriefing of the initial Scourge assault on Taros.

Slipping through a hole in the defence grid The Scourge commanders were able to mobilise a strike force on the orbital laser batteries before they could be brought to rain hellfire on the carriers. At 05:29 on the 12th of August Harkounen Fleet engaged the Scourge Fleet suffering heavy casualties and having to retreat into the darkness of space. UCM land forces were mobilised to repel the incoming dropships heading for the gun batteries at Guan-Yo.

Operation briefing for Scourge Assault on the laser batteries
The opening minutes of the fight saw General P. Stacey's forces making their way into the combat zone. Mortar teams firing on targets from afar whilst Sabres and Katana's rolled onto the board followed by a wing of Falcons. However LIME battalion was being held up due to a recently applied spray coat in the garage on the Gladius not being fully dry. With severely limited forces humanity needed to hang on.

Taking to the buildings, flak teams and more legionnaires awaited the incoming wave of Scourge. All was quiet... Suddenly two huge orbs of plasma hurtled through the air landing directly on the orbital laser. Foundations shaking the building held up but it was in bad shape.

"I have come to realise two things. One, the Scourge had combined the plasma overloading capabilities of the Overseer with the Annihilator's. Two, we're screwed!" - General P. Stacey on the scourge assault at the Guan-Yo gun batteries.

He quickly organised a sally out to hit the ordnance delivering behemoths hard but was it too late? The Ferrum's drones went down in a hail of Scourge AA. Followed by the wing of Falcons who managed to dent the Annihilators.

Scourge moved in on the flanks supported by the crab of doom Oppressor and a wave of minders. UCM anti-air lit up the skies taking down dropships and light aircraft galore. Hunters moved in quickly to take shots on the facility which was quickly reaching its structural limit.

Finally the UCM reinforcements arrived but all hope was lost. The General issued the order to maximise Scourge casualties and minimise their losses. The Gladius and Sabres pushed into position and hit the Annihilators hard, taking one down. UCM began to retreat taking out stray vehicles.

The house came down on the mortar team burying them in rubble and finally the orbital laser caved in on itself into a pile of melted metal.

In the debriefing that followed funds were traced to advisor Hoo Flung Dhung who was subsequently offered to the Scourge as a host. Losing the orbital guns was a big blow to the UCM but a surprising number of initial casualties were sustained by the Scourge, however they have made a safezone now and can land with impunity, how will the next few hours pan out for Taros? We will see next time!

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