Dropzone Commander - Conflict at Taros Prologue

Having recently got the Dropzone Commander bug (something about an epic 10mm struggle in urban environments between squid like alien monsters and humanities last remnants, oh and destroying tower blocks like independence day...) our gaming group has started our narrative campaign, The Conflict at Taros. Totally made up fluff for our enjoyment.

Mission briefing for the Taros Prologue. We have incoming commander!

The scene was set one hazy afternoon on June 18th 2264 over the picturesque cityscape of New Brighton. Suddenly the sky darkened as drop-ships broke the atmosphere. Sightings were confirmed and the UCM stationed out of city mobilised under command of General P. Stacey. Soon after Scourge vessels were confirmed to have landed in other key cities including Zau Tun and Nostros. How did they spring this assault without any early warning?

Either way the General had his orders to repel the invaders and secure intelligence on them so that it may help determine how they managed to go undetected.

Meanwhile the Scourge Hive mind led by an oppressive Squid currently using Andy McGarry's body as a host had other intelligence that they wanted to gain control of...

The battle erupted with both sides making dashes for the key buildings early, The Scourge commander however got the drop on the UCM and managed to embed their forces further forward with their speedy grav-vehicles.

The sprawling city of New Brighton under attack from the Scourge

Wolverines scouted down the park off main street, soon after a call came in from Scouting Lieutenant A. Schwarz. "Light em Up!" quickly followed by precise orbital strikes from the Kodiak Command centre. The UCM brought the firepower and the Gladius quickly followed by taking down more lightly armoured scourge units.

In the maelstrom of heavy weapons fire both a special forces Raven and a Scourge Intruder got clipped whilst flying low and took the brave soldiers with them to the grave.

"We will hawden ouwa wesolve. We will wight the wongs of this Scouwge atwocity. We will webuild..." - President Wut Whent Wong of Taros on the Scourge attack

The UCM were winning the ground battle but The Scourge quickly shot ahead on gaining intel. Storming buildings with Devastators and vast numbers of units they overran the UCM defences. General P. Stacey called in a coordinated effort on the large commercial tower owned by D. Trumpet raining glass and masonry everywhere. Soon after the Praetorian's lived up to their name by storming and taking the tower from the Scourge and claiming the intel and an objective.

The Gladius taking up position on highway one. Far right the D. Trumpet commercial tower

As it became clear the intel in the region was being exhausted units began to dig in with what resulted in a 3 day firefight to the death for the scourge who were never reinforced and hopelessly outnumbered once the global UCM forces were mobilised.

Soon after, President Wut Whent Wong of Taros spoke for the people. "We will hawden ouwa wesolve. We will wight the wongs of this Scouwge atwocity. We will webuild..."

Over the coming months a great deal of money was redirected to reinforcing and developing the early warning, orbital and planetary defences at Taros but what was the reason for this isolated attack? Mankind can only wait and hope.

Craig McNicholas

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.