Kingdom Death Stone Faces Terrain - How To

Finished Custom Kingdom Death Stone Faces Terrain with OSL
I recently have been looking to pimp out my Kingdom Death: Monster game with some custom terrain pieces. I have already worked up quite a strong ("painterly" as someone else put it) abstract lighting theme with my miniatures which I think works really well for the artwork in this game and helps with the immersion.

I saw a few people start to make custom terrain and thought I would have a go myself.

To start with I ordered some Soft Clay so I could get my sculpt on. Keep in mind I have never sculpted from scratch before so if I can do it you can too! I also had some cheap modelling tools I usually use for green stuffing.

So step one was to draw the schematic, I sketched this onto a large A3 sheet of paper directly from the Kingdom Death card tokens they give you.

Once sketched out I proceeded to fill the design with soft clay, I took a reference photo to match up too. I tried to get the proportions in line with a normal face guessing my way at this point.

Next up I started to fill out the features whilst keeping to the original drawing I had made. I was really just feeling my way around, a true sculptor would probably have fell about laughing at me but I just did what felt right.

Now I started to really play with the material and tools I had. Blending all the joins, getting my fingers in there and just playing around until I felt it looked right. I did this for each major feature then moved on to the next.

Once I got this far I decided to start to add some weathering to the model so I just started hacking away, creating some deep cracks and other small scratches all along the face of the model. The final results was something like this.

Then it was just a case of popping it in the oven at 110 degrees for 30 minutes and hey presto! Now just to do it all again for the second one! Once I had them both finished I cut two pieces of foamcore I had lying around to match the Kingdom Death stone faces card token. After green stuffing the surface I used my base stamp to stamp the faces. I made the stamp a reverse cast of the survivor bases they give you in the core box. Once ready I glued the faces onto the foam core and even added some more decoration in the form of some chopped up cork.

I then primed both pieces and painted the base a charcoal near black then washed with a heavy black wash. The rest was just a case of dry brushing through grey to white to bring out the detail.

Finally I added some strong OSL on the one piece that has the small lantern next to the face. To start with I made passes with pure white away from the lamp only catching the areas that the light would hit. Then I used my preferred yellow using the same technique over the white areas and beyond. Finally using pure white to blend where it was closest to the light source. This has a way of creating very abstract light sources which suit this game really well.

Stone Faces for Kingdom Death

And there we have it. My first outing into sculpting, it was very enjoyable and I look forward to tackling more sculpts for my terrain projects. Next up is the Kingdom Death Pillars! Stay tuned for more.

Craig McNicholas

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