Kingdom Death Modular Tall Grass Terrain - How To

After my last article went down well showing how I made the stone faces terrain for Kingdom Death: Monster I decided to move on to the tall grass terrain. The main issue with the grass terrain is that they need to be able to support monsters and survivors moving onto the terrain. Any grass based terrain is not going to be very strong so after thinking of a few ways to achieve this I thought the best way was to make the grass modular rather than a single 2x2 piece. This way I could remove the squares that a monster occuppies effectively "flattening" the terrain as it walks across it. Thematically this works well and I was happy with the result.

Just need to touch up the hot glue gun mess but tall grass ready to go!
I first ordered a very cheap pack of synthetic painting brushes from Amazon. I cut 16 foamcore pieces to the size of a single square on the Kingdom Death game board and used my base stamp of faces and some green stuff to add some texture to the base. I then glued some sand into the empty areas on the base to add a bit more variety.

Once set I base coated and dry brushed the bases from black through to gray/white. I then cracked open the cheap brushes I had bought and washed them in a mixture of thinned brown through to yellow/brown paint. This made them clump together and become more rigid which was exactly what I wanted.

Then came the messy bit. I bought a very cheap and nasty hot glue gun from Amazon, I think for a total of £3.20. Well I won't be using it again but it did the trick. I cut all the bristles from the brushes and hot glue gunned a bunch at a time. It must have took about 2 hours to go through all 16 bases but the end result was great and they are pretty solid pieces.

So there we have it. Terrain piece number two down for Kingdom Death and I'm onto the standing pillars now. Wish me luck!

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