Zen Terrain - Military Outpost

After being really impressed with the HAB1 Buildings I received from Zen Terrain in my last post I thought I would move swiftly on to cover the Military Outpost building they offer. It is more expensive than the HAB1 Bundle but what you get is a really nicely detailed building with a more unusual shape to mix things up on the battlefield. I went about the same painting technique described in my last article. The build time was slightly longer than the HAB1 buildings but not by much which is great for those looking to fill boards quickly. I will let the finished results speak for themselves but suffice to say I am really impressed again and can't wait for this to hit the table.

Multi-platform Zen Terrain which throws some nice shapes in to mix the building design up

Large enough for 30mm bases, Infinity stuff fits really well.

It comes with its own radar dish!

Craig McNicholas

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