Relic Knights - Reshaping The Corsairs

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I recently won a large number of Star Nebula Corsairs boxes for Relic Knights, I love the idea of space pirates, it creates a warm Laputa Castle in the Sky sized feeling in my heart.

Captain Dola and her Crew in Laputa Castle in the Sky
It also rekindles childhood memories of Peter Pan, Captain Hook and of course Smee! Reminiscing over, all the boxes landed with me and it is a fair old amount of units to get through (not that I am complaining for the steal that I got these for).

My Star Nebula Corsairs boxes ready for assembly

Now comes the moment where reality strikes. The corsairs... Yuck! They are some of the most generically posed models I have seen. To make things worse they have repeated model poses in the same box, shame on you Relic Knights! Never fear though, armed with hot water, some spare parts from other miniatures games, glue, a pinning set, some green stuff and some patience you can make your corsairs look truly unique. Spend a bit of time here and you can make your unit really shine. Because of the properties that the Relic Knights materials are cast in they work well with hot water moulding, simply submerge the area you want to reshape in near boiling water for several seconds (the thicker the area the longer it takes) then bend away, once you are happy either hold in place or quickly cool it with another cup of cold water. Just be careful you don't burn yourself, you have been warned. The end result for me was something like:

Reshaped Star Nebula Corsairs, changed heads, adjusted elbow and knees and a bionic arm holding a teddy
I swapped a few heads around and remoulded quite a few knee and elbow bends also splicing in duel pistols for one Corsair. You can also see that the female pirate is sporting a bionic arm holding a teddy, supposedly left by the lost boys from Peter Pan.

Well, that is all this week, just a very quick show and tell to help you make your units look a bit more unique.

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