Relic Knights - Warwickshire Knighthood Prize Pool Announced

Hey all, Ninja Division have been awesome and released the prize pool for the upcoming Warwickshire Knighthood league. The league will start on the 14th September 2015 pitting new and old to Relic Knights against each other over 6 scenarios, you are free to join in even if you don't own anything! Added bonus, the whole league is free to play and closes on the 16th October 2015. There will be prizes for first, second and third place as well as a players vote. What do they win you ask? Well check out the awesome prizes below.

Prize Pool for the Warwickshire Knighthood Relic Knights League with support from Ninja Division

We have hardback rulebooks, neoprene gaming mats, a selection of cosplay special units and a few starter faction boxes, but that's not all! There will also be Knighthood patches for all who enter and the winner will get a free pass to the Relic Knights Midlands Cadre - Back to School Official Tournament allowing them to pit their cadre's against the rest of the UK in a fun packed one day event being held right here in Leamington Spa on the 17th October.

More information on the Knighthood League scenarios will be coming soon so we can start booking matches between players (for whenever suits them). So what are you waiting for, get involved by joining the Relic Knights UK Facebook Group and following the Warwickshire Knighthood Facebook Event or leave a message in the comments if you want to join in.

Updated poster for Warwickshire Knighthood with Prize Support

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