Imperial Assault - The Journey Begins

Just a quick post today, I received these goodies through the post yesterday afternoon and couldn't even wait for the big box to arrive! So I cracked open the Han Solo and Chewbacca packs. I was really impressed with the quality of the casts bar Hans fat hand. You get some side missions, setup cards and lots of items/advancements for your characters. Like a child on Christmas eve I was awake until 2am painting these beauties!

Don't upset the wookie...

They don't take paint very well so you will need to prime them (this is a must) but after that painting is a breeze, far from the greatest paint jobs ever produced but they look great on the gaming table and people can instantly recognize who these awesome characters are. I had so much fun painting these and you will find yourself hard pressed to not start quoting Han or growling like a wookie. I am a happy Imperial Assault gamer so far and haven't even started the campaign yet! I will be writing up our activities with Imperial Assault as a campaign, so stay tuned for more.

Side Missions, Character Card, Items, Upgrades and a Map Layout sheet all in one box.

Craig McNicholas

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