Painting Table October 2016

Long time no painting table post. Well I have had quite a bit on the go with moving house and demolishing rooms then rebuilding them. Now I am back on the hard stuff! Recently got through more of my background projects as well as picking up some starter Age of Sigmar boxes, they are real great value and me and the wife can play some small games. Lovely.

Age of Sigmar

Recently got into the pure narrative driven gaming side to this, I even wrote a back story for my lady necromancer. Overall these were ace to paint up and I'm looking for more skellies to tackle along with the big guy Arkhan the Black and some Avatars of War vampires to add to it. I also started the paint scheme for the Sylvaneth box, they look lovely.

Female necromancer for the Death army, Age of Sigmar

Deathrattle army, Age of Sigmar

Black Knight, Age of Sigmar

Black Knight with Lance, Age of Sigmar

Skeleton Warriors leader, Age of Sigmar

Love some of the poses you can make with the skeletons, Age of Sigmar

Leftover bits n bobs for the bases, Skeletons Age of Sigmar

Bring out your dead! Age of Sigmar

Sylvaneth Dryad test paint scheme, Age of Sigmar

Took under 30 mins so feeling better about having to paint 30 dryads.

Skeleton with swagger, Age of Sigmar

Imperial Assault

I also managed to finish off this guy for our new campaign. Boba Fett ready to bag n tag.

Boba Fett, Imperial Assault

Dropzone Commander

I managed to get quite a lot of dropzone commander finished including Praetorians, several tanks and a lot of terrain as well as all my scourge. Result!

Make Do Praetorians, Dropzone Commander

Using the new tarmac'd roads for dropzone commander

We can't cross sir. Demolished roads, Dropzone Commander

Thought some local road signs were suitable, Dropzone Commander

Bears reporting in, Dropzone Commander.
Magnetised the Scourge, look they're flying! Dropzone Commander.

More flying Scourge

Lime Green Paint Scheme for my UCM, Dropzone Commander

Sabres, Dropzone Commander

Rapiers, Dropzone Commander

Crab of Doom, Scourge, Dropzone Commander

Scourge Nasties, Dropzone Commander

Scourge, Dropzone Commander

Scourge destroyers, Dropzone Commander


So my Scythe pledge landed too, hurrah! Painted the leaders up, am really loving this fine game.

Anna with Wojtek, Scythe

Gunter Von Duisburg with Nacht and Tag, Scythe

Olga Romanova and Changa, Scythe

Zehra and Kar, Scythe

Bjorn and Mox, Scythe

Craig McNicholas

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