Infinity - Paradiso Week 1 Prologue Valley of Darkness

This is the first part of the Paradiso campaign I am running and to get all the newcomers (including me) off with a bang we are running through the prologue missions as well. These won't count any XP towards the main campaign, but its a good starting point to bring people up to scratch. I will be recounting my missions and also adding any extra story flavour from the rest of the group where I feel necessary (or bothered). We will be adapting the story so it is not a true reflection of Paradiso but more like our own piece of sci-fi universe (think JJ Abrams Star Trek).

Valley of Darkness starts with the crashed Dawn spaceship on Paradiso, the ship was hit by extremely strong solar activity and fell into the planet. A mixture of urban/jungle terrain, the ALEPH force loses connection with human sphere and acts in isolation exploring the planet. Everything appears quiet but then a steady THUD! THUD! THUD! can be heard across the deserted expanse. Everything goes silent again, not even the wildlife makes a sound. Minutes pass and nothing, the remote heavy ALEPH laying low.

Suddenly the gargantuan form of a TAG rears above the back of a derelict building overgrown with vines unleashing a hailstorm of HMG rounds, cut off between the ship and the enemy forces the ALEPH must push their way back to safety.

Deployment for Valley of Darkness
Information came through that the Yu Jiing had set up a forward base in the area but this was a very aggressive play by them to deny knowledge of it. My team spread out onto each flank gaining deployment first and the first turn. The plan was to split them and make a dash through the middle whilst keeping them occupied.

The abandoned town
Turn one, my left flank with Lieutenant Deva, Dakini Tacbot Medic and Zayin Rebot postured to get some decent positioning to try and deny the TAG and the Teracotta troops an easy battle, then all my resources went into my right flank, the Asura with her Hacking Device Plus impersonating an enemy trooper strolled out and spent several actions moving towards the lonely guardsman on overwatch. As my Asura got within range he identified me, but it was too late as she rushed into melee throwing each other to the floor both grappling for leverage.

The Deva and Devabot take cover to stop the approaching TAG whilst the Zayin sets up to deny a sneaky back door
The turn then went to Yu Jiing, the TAG vaulted over a cargo container and piled round after round into my Lieutenant who was hugging cover, a lucky shot hit a weak point and damaged the TAG but it just kept on coming. Unknown to the TAG was the Dakini Tacbot sniper who landed an armour piercing round across the entire board. It hit home and momentarily dazed the brute. Taking heavy damage early the Yu Jiing lieutenant took control and ran into the firefight landing two shots on my Deva lieutenant taking her straight to null state, panic erupted.

Impersonating the enemy, the Asura waltzes into melee being discovered just as he can see the lights of her eyes
The Yu Jiing Lieutenant's rallying call sent a Teracotta soldier up against the Zayin which unloaded 4 rounds of HMG into him, artfully dodging it all he opened fire with the boarding shotgun, damaging the cervo's on the structure and disabling him. Meanwhile the Lieutenant crept up on the Dakini Tactbot Medic and put a round into his back dropping him.

The ALEPH were in a state of panic turn 2 with only irregular orders to go round this was going to be damage mitigation time. My sniper sought cover and the Sophotect marched down the right flank whilst her Yudbot ran towards the downed Zayin dodging combi rifle fire left and right thanks to its mimetism. The Asura dodged clear of the guard she was tied down with in melee and opened fire as he emptied two pistol clips into her. Her enhanced training meant she avoided the worst of it and landed a shot right above the collarbone wounding him. Taking the initiative she claimed leadership and banded together the remaining ALEPH forces so at least they stood a chance next round.

The Yu Jiing TAG holding its own
Yu Jiing turn 2 reacted with aggression. The wounded guard opened fire again and again on the Asura and managed to land a critical hit, but the success was short lived. After taking the hit she rebounded and put the guard out of his misery with a well aimed shot to the temple. The Yu Jiing TAG had started to make a beeline across the board but was caught in the open the the Tactbot sniper who again landed a critical hit causing the suit to grind and come to a halt damaged beyond use.

The Yu Jiing lieutenant and the remaining Terracota soldiers tried to make their way across the board but were being held down by the suppressing fire from the sniper and the Sophotect who were buying time for the Asura to get back to the ship.

Breaking out of combat the Asura fires round after round at the Teracotta soldier whilst withdrawing to the board edge
Turn 3 for the ALEPH began and the Yudbot made a dash for Zayin, just out of range the bot took a full boarding shotgun payload to the chest and crumpled. The Sophotect momentarily dazed from the connection loss took a stray shot too landing a wound. But it wasn't enough for the Yu Jiing as the Asura ran for the board edge and made it to safety. Turn 3 for the Yu Jiing and they cleaned up the remaining ALEPH who were leaderless.

Wrap Up

A great game with Tim, really enjoyed how this panned out and I have an Asura for my followup mission! To come soon!

Craig McNicholas

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.