Painting Table August 2015

August for me has been a month of Malifaux, Imperial Assault and Relic Knights. I first had a tournament at the start of the month for Relic Knights so managed to get Cordelia Clean, Delphyne and Ekhis polished off, funny that these were the first miniatures I had too and have taken the longest. I also managed to get my Terrakami crates and cargo containers finished which look great on the sci-fi terrain board.

Then came the start of the Imperial Assault campaign with a group of five so I got my head down and finished off the rest of the box that had been waiting for me along with the custom tray inserts to organise it all, great stuff. This didn't stop me from then purchasing Twin Shadows along with the additional packs (curse you fantasy flight for making awesome games!).

I also have another tournament around the corner for Malifaux so decided to finish off my Dreamer crew including wicked dolls, teddy, the Dreamer starter and some proxy insidious madness in the form of pink horrors. Also decided to have a dabble at some custom terrain in the form of a sign post, sadly there is only a population of two in McNicholfaux (me and the wife) but we welcome others to come join our little home town.

Finally I posted up some pics that strictly speaking aren't from this month (many moons ago) but never made it on to the site so thought I would give them their time in the spotlight, Mice and Mystics has been a blast and I recently got to play it with a really young audience and we really enjoyed it, more so when its painted.

Malifaux Dreamer Crew

Back story for my Dreamer is that he is from the future, his mother OD'd and left him with nothing more than a Vans t-shirt, every night he dreams of Malifaux unaware that he alters the past...

Little blue Daydream (horror)

Chompy (grrrr)

One of the Insidious Madness (pink horror)

Do the monster mash?

Love the little wicked dolls a great addition to my crew

Custom McNicholfaux sign post

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Royal Guard giving nothing away

The assembled Imperial Assault force

Spot the heroes?

Just the imperials

I love the commanders pose

Finished section of the heroes

Officers and heroes

Relic Knights

Cordelia Clean
Cordelia Clean (alt angle)

Completed Terrakami terrain crates and cargo containers

Mice and Mystics

Maginos holds off the cockroaches

Stop, in the name of the law!

Lily puts some firepower down

Nez about to squash the bugs

Collin is surrounded, can Filch save him?

Craig McNicholas

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.