Malifaux - Dreams Are Where It Begins

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Malifaux has been on my hit list for a while but just have never had the free time or drive to get it done. That all changed when I got invited to my first game a little over 2 weeks ago. I had a Dreamer box lying around that needed some attention so I quickly got everything modelled and even got a chance to finish Lord Chompy Bits. I say "quickly" but this wasn't actually the case, the models whilst very detailed and of good quality are very very fiddly, some parts that are split just don't make any sense. This has been my only negative of the game so far, but the finished result is great.

My Dreamer Crew completed and ready to terrorize
For those who don't know The Dreamer is a child who lives earth side. One night he falls asleep and his dreams are invaded by Nytmare, a dream dwelling menace that feeds on people in this plane. Instead of being terrified the child just stands there ignoring Nytmare. Feeling a bit bemused Nytmare moves on to find other easier prey, to his disbelief the child follows him into Malifaux and appears as a spectral character in Malifaux itself. Nytmare doesn't want to give up the massive amounts of power this child posses but can't figure out how to use him yet so he gives in to the boy and pretty much does what he says going so far as to call himself Lord Chompy Bits. Every night when the dreamer sleeps he reappears in Malifaux and takes form conjuring up nightmares to wreck havoc on the people there. When he wakes up Lord Chompy takes to the field using the dreamers power to take physical form. Pretty cool huh?

Because when your an alp what have you got left to live for? May as well smoke em up Johnny!
 His play style is generally get Chompy out as fast as possible and wreck havoc with him or more of a support character where he keeps summoning monsters. I want to take him down the summoning dreamer route as this appeals to me more but for my first game I went at a Ten Thunders crew swinging with Lord Chompy bits tooled up to the nines. The game was really good fun, pretty fast to pick up having played other small skirmish games and made some really great cinematic moments. So I went home and got my paint on as well as acquiring a Teddy for my crew.

The Dreamer - His backstory was that his mother was dating a famous skateboarder who showered her with gifts won at competitions. He eventually kicked her to the curb but she was infatuated with him so slit her wrists. The boy ended up in the orphanage as his dad denied that he was his. The only thing he has left is the skater merch his mother left him and weird dreams of Malifaux.
Two weeks later I had set up another game this time as a 3-way with the Viktorias crew and Pandora's crew. We played the "stop the ritual" scenario from the story encounters and had a right blast. It also got me ploughing through my painting queue to get all my minis finished.

A chirpy daydream
I was really happy with the outcome of the models, they are very well detailed and some are a pleasure to paint. I even topped it off with some custom scheme markers and some 4ground western scenery which really has made the table come to life. I have some more games planned in the coming weeks so will post more when I feel comfortable with the rule set. Suffice to say I am enjoying this change of pace.

Coppelius doing what he does best, stealing eyeballs.

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