Relic Knights - Warwickshire Knighthood 2015

Hey, you may be wondering what all this is about? Well I am here to tell you. Relic Knights is a really cool miniature skirmish game with a unique rule-set which is set in an awesome anime inspired universe! So you like skirmish miniature games right? Relic Knights has you covered, it is completely objective based and draws many similarities to Malifaux without treading on its toes. In fact there are many things that I have never seen in a miniature skirmish game before including truly open deployment (nobody owns a side of the board), setting your ready queue 2 or 3 turns ahead for alternate activations and no weapon ranges... eh? Yes that is right, set in the future anime inspired universe weapons are pretty powerful things and because you play on such a small area we can be pretty sure they can touch anything they can draw line of sight to, this make scenery a massive element to the game. But hey if you are interested in reviews go check out some others who do a great job of it A Fear of NumbersEscapist MagazineBoard Game Geek.

Love anime eh? This game also should tick your boxes, there is nothing better than scantily clad chicks dancing around fully armoured mechs as they redirect attacks with deadly precision or landing that HADOUKEN on your opponents face or even leaping 40 feet into the air to reach high places with that all important anime leap so many of our favourite characters have mastered.

I also want to point out before we continue you are not required to own the miniatures, rules or cards to enter this league but also how low cost the entry to this game is. A starter faction works out at between £24 to £32 and it includes everything needed to play. Anyway on to the league part, free entry and prizes then!

Having been a fan of the game now for a short while and speaking to many of the Ninja's who are promoting the game around the country I have managed to wrangle some prizes and the backing from the team to organise The Warwickshire Knighthood. A series of events designed to introduce new players and bring vets to the game. The entry price is free and you are free to play as many or as few of the events as you wish. You will earn points and take part in an evolving story over 6 scenarios played weekly between the 14th September and 16th October, you don't even need the official miniatures and you are free to proxy in as you wish. The rules for all units are freely available via the Relic Knights Downloads page. I will also be on hand at many events to offer help with getting to grips with the rules and making use of my factions.

Prizes will be revealed soon but they should include a starter faction box, rulebook and some special minis (everything you need to get started and more!), more details to come on this soon.
So what are you waiting for? Get in touch if your club (or yourself) is interested in taking part and see who is knighted as the Warwickshire champion. For more information check out the Relic Knights UK Facebook group and the Warwickshire Knighthood Event.

Craig McNicholas

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